Here's What Some Have Said . . . .


Delta Gateway Museum - Blythville AR

Thank You for creating a wonderful 1940's musical atmosphere for the Heritage Party.

Take Care & Thank You Again,

Angie F. Michelli Trotter

March 26, 2013

Trinity Baptist Church - Blytheville AR.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the privilege to know and serve with Charles DeGeso in producing and presenting Gospel Music concerts in our area. I personally worked with him in the production of the Delta Gospel Concerts as well as our springtime festival known as "Mayfest". This year we had a record attendance as we had some notable names such as Guy Penrod, Rhonda Gunn, The Barnett's and many more. 

I highly recommend Charlie to any church or ministry which seeks to bring their worship music to a higher level. Charlie is very comfortable with the traditional or contemporary styles of music. He is very capable in blending the New with the Old.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Mike Welch 

July 3, 2013

Westminster Village of the Mid-South - AR

Charlie - Thank you for all the good things you have brought to Westminster, especially the chapel program. I also appreciate all the music you have done for our parties and events. Nothing has been better that you my friend.

Kendall Berry

Resident Service Director

May 6, 2013

Susan & Alan DeMichael - Citrus Hills FL

Dear Charlie,

Thank you for the spectacular evening of music and song that your arranged for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Your remarkable voice, proficiency at the keyboard and warm personality were the perfect combination for a most memorable evening of musicality. All of our guests raved about you and the music you provided for us. Thank you for helping make our day a perfect one.

Most sincerely,

Susan & Alan DeMichael

June 19, 2017

Skyview At Terra Vista - Citrus Hills FL

Charlie I don't know how you do it, but you always know what to play for our guests. You have made such a difference in our restaurant and whenever you are booked to perform here, we are always facing a full house. Just know that we truly love you and your great music.


Marcy Paddock


Oh almost forgot, if it hadn't been for you suggesting opening for a New Year's Eve Party, we probably wouldn't have ever done it. Sold Out 2 years in a row... Wow thanks again.

Oct. 2017 

Gulf Harbor Yacht Club - New Port Richey FL

I only have one question Mr. De, how is it you don't have to play loud like all of the other entertainers we get here? Your music is always the right kind our members like, and no one ever leaves before you finished.. WOW I wish we could have you here every Friday.. You are The Best..

July 2017