Who Is Triple Play ?


Ken Brady, Charlie De & Stan Prinston



Triple Play with Ken Brady, Charlie De & Stan Prinston will have you wishing for more. Every song will have a memory or two that all of the audience will sing along with. Remember when "Cara Mia" first came out, or maybe Crazy by Patsy Client, and who don't remember Ruby Baby by Dion and The Belmonts.. Now just so you know they're not stoping there. How about Papa Was A Rollin Stone, or Stairway To Heaven. Hey we haven't even touched the surface.. Triple Play has a repertoire like no other group because of the versatility of these professional entertainers and they're the "real deal" not the wanta be's you know I'm sure you've seen ads for "The Eagles" and then in small print "A Tribute Band". Well I promise you Ken Brady will sing "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", and Stan Prinston will also sing something that the Flamingos group has him sing on tour with them, and Charlie De, well he'll play those keyboards and sing a few songs that you will just love.

So-o-o go to Events and find Triple Play and make sure you call and get tickets, this will be a