Ocala Hilton Hotel & Resort

Charlie De's Comments


My first performance at this beautiful venue was simply put. Was Great !

Several things impressed me about the staff and management. 

1.  Staff members were all extremely friendly and always asking what they could do for you.

2. Management was especially professional and willing to do whatever was necessary to make the guests happy.

3. One of the most warm and friendly atmospheres I have ever performed in. And the guests enjoyed being interactive with what I was doing. Many of the guests were local folks out for an evening to enjoy the dining and entertainment experience.

Second Reason


What my musical family of friends can expect here at the Hilton. I have no better words then to say Professionalism. You will be treated well because you are recognized as the most important part of why the Hilton is one of the best hotels in the Nation. 

Most people do not know this, but the Hilton corporation has a school that all management must attend. This school enables all of those that have the good fortune to have been selected to be trained professionaly in a way that shows all of the guests why they are so important and why they're being treated like they are "Royality".. because the guests are Special.

Final Reason


Your dining experience will be one that you will think to yourself was one of the finest restaurants you've ever eaten at, for several reasons.

1.  Their mission statement which can be found directly on their menue says it all. " To support local, sustainable, natural, and organic practices whenever possible. Using locally sourced and freshed product, Market Kitchen & Bar takes your favorite staple dishes and elevates them through a unique culinary approach. We strive to provide our guests with a remarkable farm-to-table experience."

That says it all, you will just have to take my word for it, you are going to keep coming back. 

I had asked about "Vegan Dishes". The food and beverage manager Freddy Lopez said they will do whatever it takes to have something great for those folks. And they are working on having several fantastic dishes in the very near future for those folks. Why Not, everyone is entitled to have what they like.

I was very impressed with this man and told him that I'm going to sincerely working with him and the staff. It's so nice working with people that really understand what "Hospitality" means. They don't just use the word, but go beyond what most others in the "Hospitality Business" seem to think it means.

I will be adding a page just for their current menue. And I will continue to add whatever changes they make so you my dear friends can come here and see what's cooking..at Ocala Hilton & Resort.


We certainly and highly suggest that you call for reservations.